Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m looking for a job. How does the process work?

As an individual seeking God’s will, the process begins with prayer and counsel. Our goal is to help Christian practitioners become clear about what it means to serve Christ missionally through healthcare, and to walk with them through the entire process.  

You can look over our Jobs Board and let us know if there is something there that appeals to you.

But early in the process you will…

  1. Fill out a candidate profile that will help us more clearly search for opportunities that align with God’s trajectory for your life. We’ll ask all the things you would expect; but we also want to know what values mean the most to you, what kind of community you want to serve, what kind of team you hope to be part of, and which of your experiences have been most influential in shaping your character and sense of calling. 

  2. CCHF will provide you multiple matches that fit on deep levels. We will help with searches, make recommendations and introductions, coach you through both the search and interview processes, and walk with you through negotiation and contract.

How much does it cost?

Our service is FREE to healthcare professionals looking for a job.

For CCHF organizational members who are recruiting associates, it is FREE to list your opportunity with us. When a placement is made, we do charge a small placement fee that is far below the national average. This fee is contingent only upon the successful placement of a job seeker with your practice, so there is no risk involved. This fee is reduced for CCHF members. Contact Angela Counce for additional information regarding fees.

Click here for more information about CCHF membership. We will ask that you sign a placement agreement when we forward candidates to your organization.  

How do I get started?

Its easy! Just register for match and our staff will be in touch to guide you through the process step by step.

What does CCHF/CMDA Placement Services do for job seekers?

CCHF and CMDA work together to help missionally-motivated health professionals find work environments where they can live out their calling to extend Christ’s love to vulnerable and marginalized people through healthcare.  We help place…

  • physicians (including family medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, internal medicine, OB, psychiatry, and other specialties on a limited basis)

  • dentists

  • mid-level providers 

  • nurses

  • behavioral health providers

  • administrators

  • spiritual care professionals

We understand that not every Christian clinic is the best fit for every Christian provider. We know the attributes that make each ministry unique. Are you looking for a clinic that serves a large Hispanic population?  We know where those are.  Looking to work in a clinic that has a well-developed medical home model?  We can help with that. Has God given you a heart for people who are homeless?  Several of our clinics specialize in serving those who are homeless, and some even practice “street medicine”.  Do you think you might like to serve overseas some day?  We know clinics that will support that calling and help prepare you for that kind of service - and some already have strong connections with overseas work.

Sometimes God calls you to serve in places where no Christian health ministry exists, or even calls you to be salt and light in decidedly secular settings. CCHF/CMDA often places people in groups that are not all Christian. But we prescreen those places for you to ensure that they will be supportive of your commitment to serve Christ through healthcare, to practice in a holistic manner, and to allow you to integrate spiritual health with culturally appropriate, responsible medical care. 

Most providers will work in two or three different settings in their lifetime. Navigating the placement process is daunting. A placement service can make that process less intimidating, and can help you through the process from start to finish.  CCHF/CMDA helps scores of providers do this every year, and we’ve been doing that for decades. If you think of medicine as a calling instead of a career, we would like to help you, too. 

Why should my organization use CCHF Placement Services?

CCHF is a nationwide community that has been growing for the last 40 years. We know what “mission-fit” means to your clinic. We have decades of relationships with providers and administrators who don’t think of medicine as a career, but as a calling.  And now, partnered with CMDA Placement Services, we are able to use our combined experience and pool of relationships to match missionally-driven candidates with organizations where they can be fruitful for Christ through quality healthcare.

We have made hundreds of successful placements over the years. Chances are that some of your current providers came through CCHF.  Our placements fit better, last longer, and are more productive than staff that come through other placement services or websites. That is because we know your clinic, and we know our candidates. We coordinate placements based on the “Four Cs” of Character, Calling, Chemistry and Competency.  We build on our connections with both candidates and clinics. We work within the context of your unique mission and structure, organizational values and culture, and your methods of integrating faith with medical practice. We only work with individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to a missional approach to medicine and to life. And we only work with organizations who are committed to living out the gospel through healthcare among the poor. 

Our people live like your people do. They are a reflection of our shared commitment to justice and Christ-centeredness in healthcare.  None of us work on commission.

We are a non-profit, so 100% of any fees associated with a placement goes directly into engaging and equipping the next generation of medical disciples to advance our mission of bringing healing to marginalized communities in the name of Jesus. 

Can i talk to a real person to get a clearer understanding?

Yup! We’d love to hear from you. CONTACT US