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  • CCHF matches job seekers with your organization on deeper levels than a typical job placement service

  • Please fill out your clinic profile form first before posting any jobs. You only fill out the clinic profile once. In the future, you can go straight to job postings. If you’ve already filled out a clinic profile, then click here to post a job

  • It is FREE to post your job with CCHF. If we have a excellent candidate for you we’ll talk about fees then. There is no risk involved and our fees are well below market.

  • CCHF is a non-profit, so 100% of any fees associated with a placement goes directly into engaging and equipping the next generation of medical disciples to advance our mission of bringing healing to marginalized communities in the name of Jesus.

we need to get some detailed information about the uniqueness (Awesomeness) of your clinic & mission

We match on…


How have your experience, faithfulness, and values shaped you as a healthcare professional?


How is God directing the path of your life?


What kind of workplace is the right fit?


How are you seeking excellence as a healthcare professional?

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CCHF Matches people with organizations on deeper levels than a typical job placement service. For this reason, we need to get some detailed information about the uniqueness of your clinic and mission.

This information is vital for CCHF to properly represent your practice opportunity and match you to applicants that are in alignment. Please take the time to thoroughly complete the form, and relax knowing that you will be able to save your progress and return to it later to complete.

For CCHF organizational members who are recruiting associates, it is FREE to list your opportunity with us. When a placement is made, we do charge a small placement fee that is far below the national average. This fee is contingent only upon the successful placement of a job seeker with your practice, so there is no risk involved. And further, this fee is reduced for CCHF members.

Click here for more information about CCHF membership. We will ask that you sign a placement agreement when we forward candidates to your organization.