Chief Healthcare Officer (CHO) / Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

State - Georgia

Year Founded - 2013


Number of Locations - 4

AREA - Urban


Federally Qualified Health Center located in GA. We offer comprehensive primary care services to our patients throughout the entire life cycle, from prenatal to senior care. Our goal is to serve as our patients' medical home by replacing episodic care with coordinated care throughout all of our service offerings and a long-term healing relationship. We strive to make your healthcare experience as efficient as possible while maintaining the highest quality of care. As a result, our physicians are able to serve each patient in a more personalized and purposeful manner. We provide Primary Care, Pediatrics, Women's Health Services, Dental, Behavioral Health and much more!

Mission & Passions

Our goal is to meet the healthcare needs of every patient that walks through the doors. Patient health is our top priority. Patients receive comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for the entire family. Our entire staff is as dedicated to your well-being as we treat each of our patients with the same care and attention we would expect of our own doctor. We believe it is a privilege to treat the members of our community, and take the trust patients place in us very seriously.

Job Info


1) The Chief Healthcare Officer (CHO), under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is responsible for the overall medical decision-making, and the clinical operations and management oversight.

The CHO will:
2) Work closely with the Chief Operations Officer (COO), the Chief Finance Officer (CFO), and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in carrying out the Mission, Vision and operations as directed by the CEO.
3) Develop a robust Program Development Plan and oversee the expansion of clinical healthcare services and programs pursuant to Governance and Administration Strategic Plans, and the promotion of healthcare providers, services and programs.
4) Attend monthly Board of Directors Meetings to support the CEO, provide written monthly clinical operations reports, and ensure actions are properly documented in the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings.
5) Serve on the Board of Directors (BOD) Quality Assurance/Improvement Committee and under the leadership of the Board Chair; provide the BOD quarterly QA/QI written reports. Also engage committee in review of the QA/QI Policy and Procedure Manual every two years for their review and voter approval, and ensure actions are properly documented in the minutes of the QA/QI Committee meetings.
6) Oversee the accuracy and compliance with all federal, State and local statutes and regulations required by HRSA relative to the Credentialing and Privileging of providers, including the required due diligence prior to their hiring; recommendation to the CEO for their hiring; and documentation and submission to the BOD of Provider Credentialing Packets for a vote and approval request.
7) Provide direct supervision of all Medical and Health Services Department Directors, and overall supervision of all licensed Healthcare Providers (e.g., Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Mental & Behavioral Health Professionals, specially contracted Physician Supervisors, and others).
8) Provide direct supervision of the Director of Nursing, and overall supervision of all clinical support staff, including the review and approval of all credentialing compliance required by all clinical support staff.
9) Oversee the ongoing clinical data collection and management procedures to ensure the quality and accuracy of the submission of the annual HRSA Uniform Data System (UDS) Report.

• CHO will provide a minimum of 3 days per week in the provision of medical care to Center patients within the field of licensed expertise of the CHO. The CHO’s time will be 0.4 FTE administrative and 0.6 FTE patient care. However, the amount of service periodically could and will be adjusted, reduced or increased, based on a variety of factors, including clinical utilization need, periodic internal and/or external responsibilities, and/or unforeseen conditions and business reasons.
• CHO will be responsible for the Health Care Plan for the organization.
• Develop Monthly Provider Schedule to be reviewed and approved by CEO. Develop policy whereby Department Directors or Providers may change without written approval by CEO.
• Develop and manage and participate in monthly mandatory Provider Peer Review process with findings reported to CEO and the Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance Committee;
• Oversee Provider discussion of problematic Peer Review Findings and recommend corrective actions that might include variant options, including additional training, supervision and/or dismissal. CHO will present an appropriate recommendation to the CEO if dismissal is deemed warranted, and upon approval by the CEO for termination, the CHO will bring the matter to the Board of Directors for final ratification and action.
• Work in tandem with the Chief Operations Officer (COO) who is responsible toward cohesive administrative operations, including program revenue cycle management and business development.
• Work in tandem with the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) who is responsible toward cohesive financing and accounting operations, including budgeting, fiscal management and contract and grants oversight.
• Work in tandem with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) who is responsible toward cohesive information technology and management operations, including infrastructure maintenance, and network and Electronic Health Records (EHR) administration.
• Contribute to the oversight of the annual submission of the UDS Report and conduct comprehensive review of findings. In concert with QA/QI committee and Providers, develop strategic actions derived from evidenced-based prevention and clinical intervention for patients, service users and the community at large.
• Develop and maintain working relationships with collaborative clinical partners, including health care institutions and community-based organizations; and private and public businesses that promote our mission and goals.
• In collaboration with the Senior Management Team, oversee utilization management and develop and implement as appropriate ongoing utilization management alliances and partnerships.
• Supervise the Director of Nursing to ensure that appropriate clinical policies and protocols are operationally adhered to relative to departments following medication protocols, including the ordering of specified amounts within allocated time frames, and utilizing local pharmacies with demonstrated stock availability.
• Assume any other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications Education, Skills, and Experience   

• Minimum of 5 years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience in senior clinical management position in a health center and/or hospital setting.
• Minimum of 3 years clinical management and leadership experience with knowledge of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs); preferably within an FQHC;
• Strategic and creative thinker and planner with excellent clinical and business acumen;
• Ability to work within collaborative and partnership Senior Management Team management staffing model;
• Prepare and monitor Clinical budget development and management in concert with Financial Department Accountant;
• Strong direct clinical supervision skills with Clinical Providers, including Physicians, Dentists, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and a variety of clinical support staff.
• Knowledge and experience with HRSA clinical operations policies and procedures;
• Collection and review of UDS healthcare outcome data; analysis and reporting; assessment of outcome health indices and development of clinical and intervention strategies that enhance target population to identified preventive and intervention clinical modalities;
• Working knowledge of Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures;
• Ability to contribute clinical knowledge and practice in concert with Board of Directors
• Strategic Planning Committee;
• Ability to implement HRSA Peer Review Policies and Procedures;
• Senior management supervisory experience and team building experience;
• As deemed necessary develop and implement internal clinical staff assessment, training and teaching modules as deemed appropriate to identified need.
• Ability to travel to the various satellite sites within the city for clinical oversight and management; and inter and intra-State for business meetings and training opportunities.
• Strong ability to multitask and organize workload for efficient use of time;


• Licensed Physician within primary care medical discipline;
• Ability to Meet FQHC, Federal, State and Local Credentialing and Privileges Requirements prior to hiring.