Major Gifts Officer


Our approach to medical care, provides a unique, interdisciplinary model of whole-person health care that addresses the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual determinants of health within the Primary Care Clinic. Our staff is anchored by multicultural team of nurses and board-certified physicians, NPs, and PAs. Together with social workers, pharmacists, behavioral health consultants, and pastors, our primary care team serves alongside roughly 300 volunteer interpreters, doctors, nurses, and other specialists each year to provide comprehensive health care to our city’s most vulnerable.

Mission & Passions

Our Mission - is to share the love of Christ by serving those in need through health care.

Our Vision - Whole-person health care ministry among the poor as a catalyst for the flourishing of a whole new Nashville.

Our Values -

  • Love – We are motivated by the love of Jesus Christ and exists to share it.

  • Hospitality – God has called us to be a healing and welcoming community that is an extension of the local Body of Christ.

  • Excellence – We practice the highest standards of clinical excellence while preserving a focus on each individual patient.

  • Compassion – Our compassionate care includes both respect for each individual patient and active pursuit of whole person healing on multiple levels.

  • Mercy – We preferentially direct efforts to those who often have no alternative for health care.

  • Integrity – We maintain the highest integrity in all aspects of its operation – clinical, administrative and spiritual.

  • Stewardship – We actively depends on God to provide both resources and healing through a variety of means.

  • Prayer – We were founded in prayer and the need to continually be bathed in prayer.

  • Partnership – We are committed to pursue collaborations with others in our community to maximize the fulfillment of our mission.

  • Discipleship – We consciously strive to impact the health care profession itself by creating a model of a Christ-centered learning environment for volunteers and trainees.

Job Info

Job Title - Major Gifts Officer
Job Description·  

The Major Gifts Officer (MGO) contributes to the clinics mission by leading the strategic cultivation of relationships with present and prospective major donor partnerships. Key components to this role are stategic relationship building, training and motivating staff/board/volunteers in the major gift cultivation process and creating and managing the organizational and tracking systems needed for success. The MGO is a member of the Development Team and works closely with the Board Chair and CEO.

  • Develop, manage and implement a major gifts program with the goal of raising $1MM+ annually.

  • Create and implement donor-centric cultivation plans.

  • Make direct, face-to-face solicitations, and equip/assist the board and staff for success with their own solicitations (e.g. provide portfolio development support, strategic counsel, and assistance with donor communications).

  • Manage a portfolio of 150-200 individual donors.

  • Manage the systems and software to track and cultivate donors and prospects, including, but not limited to, donor database.

  • Manage the systems and software necessary to track progress according to specific metrics.

  • Create pre- and post-event strategies for major donors

  • Acknowledge and thank major donors through public and private recognition.

Job Qualifications, Education, Experience   

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience.

  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in non-profit development.

  • Successful track record working with boards and donors to secure gifts of $5,000+.

  • Experience with utilizing a donor-centric cultivation process.


  • Passionate about Christian ministry to the under-served and in full agreement with the mission and core values.

  • Comfortable working with and on behalf of persons from different cultures and faith backgrounds.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written.

  • Experienced/comfortable working with databases and MS Office suite

  • Proven ability to work effectively with a team.

  • Adherence to OSHA and confidentiality requirements.

  • Schedule flexibility with ability to work occasional nights and weekends.


Patient Makeup

State - TN

Year Founded - 1991

MODEL - Free and Charitable

Number of Locations - 1

AREA - Urban