Medical Director (part-time)


Our community health center offers free primary healthcare services for medically uninsured and low-income residents of Dauphin, Lancaster and Lebanon Counties. Care is made possible through a pool of medical and non-medical volunteers and support from our healthcare partners who provide in-kind laboratory and radiology services and medication, individual donors, civic and church support, grant making, and various fundraising events held throughout the year.

Mission & Passions

To share God's love with people in need through the provision of health care services, sound counsel and related education.

Our Vision

A local community in which:

  • physical, spiritual and emotional needs are met;

  • real hope is prevalent;

  • love for one another abounds; and

  • healthy, wholesome lifestyles are the norm.

Our Core Values

  • Compassion

  • Collaboration

  • Excellence

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Truth

Job Info

Job Title - Medical Director (part-time)

Job Description·  

  • Selected individual would be responsible for four hours of clinical care per week and a small amount of administrative duties.

    The demographic of the patients that come into a free clinic is quite diverse. We cares for some who are homeless, or near homeless, uninsured, working poor, undocumented, refugees, some with Medical Assistance who are unable to find a local medical home, women trapped in sexual exploitation / trafficked are seen through a direct referral process - Hope Within has a direct referral process for women who are in the She's Somebody's Daughter and North Star Initiative programs.

    Medication management is a great need in our patient population. Many have diabetes, hypertension, obesity, tobacco abuse, and alcohol abuse. Social issues that surround those living in poverty are also common and we seek to help patients with food insecurity, transportation, clothing and a variety of other needs through local community programs and resources.

    Administrative Duties include:

  • Interviewing and orienting new volunteer doctors, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants.

  • Performing periodic quality assurance at least two times per year per the FTCA guidelines.

  • Provide protocols and standing orders as needed for the nursing staff so that care can be delivered by a nurse if a provider is not there.

  • Periodic chart review of peers, CRNPs and PAs for QA review.

  • Periodically lead a mock code.

  • Occasional office teaching - lunch & learn for volunteers and staff or find other resources in the community to come in to continue to educate the provider and nursing pool.

Job Qualifications

 Education, Skills, and Experience   

  • Licensed Medical Physician (MD or DO), Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP)

  • Experience treating patients with drug or alcohol addiction is a plus.

  • We are very interested in a person who has a passion to serve those left out of the current healthcare system, those who are vulnerable, unseen and in the greatest need of care. This candidate needs to be highly compassionate, radiate God's love to all who come through our doors and make sure that they know just how deeply loved and valued they are by their Heavenly Father. Providers often pray with patients and our patients are very welcoming of this attention to their spiritual needs.

  • We are looking for a provider willing to learn about or care for more patients with drug and alcohol addiction and provide education as needed to the volunteer provider and nursing team.

  • This person needs to be independent, a strong leader, of strong Christian character, and the opportunity for growth beyond one half day per week definitely exists!

Patient Makeup

State - PA

Year Founded - 2006

MODEL - Free and Charitable

Number of Locations - 1

AREA - Rural