Family Medicine Physician


Our Health Center was established to help demonstrate Jesus' love for the whole person through healthcare. Most of our patients are in poverty and nearly half are refugees from all over the world who have fled their homeland due to strife or other circumstances not under their control. Our patients speak over 40 different languages, with significant populations from 11 language groups. It is our goal to provide empowering ministries to demonstrate Jesus' love for the whole person to all who come to us.

Mission & Passions

Our mission is to provide high quality medical care, for the whole life spectrum, to all who need it especially the medically under-served, people in poverty, refugees and immigrants - regardless of insurance status or ability to pay - to demonstrate Jesus’ unconditional love for the whole person.

Job Info

Job Title - Family Medicine Physician

Job Description·  

The family medicine clinician is responsible for providing high quality primary medical care for patients at a homeless shelter as part of a collaborative team. The clinician should be passionate about working with a homeless population, experienced, and willing to work with limited direct support.

  • Provide high quality primary care for a homeless population that includes adult, pediatric, and obstetric patients.

  • Offer comprehensive, patient and family centered care

  • Ensure consistent, cost-effective care.

  • Maintain electronic medical records efficiently and maximize resources.

  • Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams.

  • Create a learning plan that includes familiarity with new research and changes to standard of practice.

  • Participate in quality improvement activities with a data-driven approach.

  • Opportunity to work with students and residents.

  • Attend required staff and provider meetings except when clinical activities prevent such attendance.

  • Provide patient care in a holistic manner including attention to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Job Qualifications Education, Skills, and Experience   

  • Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy, Family Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant licensed to practice in New York State prior to start date of employment.

  • Appropriate board certification prior to start date of employment.

  • At least two years of experience in clinical practice.

  • Ability to work independently with remote support.

  • Commitment to the mission and values.

  • Passion for high quality primary health care for a predominantly homeless population.

  • Demonstrated ability to develop collaborative working relationships.

  • Excellent patient-centered skills and clinical capabilities.

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, team environment.

  • Willingness to be flexible.

  • Proficient in utilizing electronic health records.

  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Experience working with low-income, diverse populations highly desired.

Patient Makeup

State - NY

Year Founded - 1997


Number of Locations - 3

AREA - Urban