Nurse Care Manager


We are a community health center providing affordable, bilingual and culturally-sensitive primary care and support services from its three locations in one of urban Pennsylvania’s most medically under-served communities.   Services provided include: primary adult and pediatric care; dental care; prenatal and OB/GYN care; behavioral health consultation services; social services; spiritual care; on-site medication dispensaries; nutrition counseling; comprehensive HIV care; diabetes care; and, a range of new community-based health and wellness initiatives. Our holistic approach to care takes into consideration the physical, spiritual, social and psychological factors that impact a person's overall health status.

Mission & Passions

Compelled by the love of God in Christ Jesus, in cooperation with the Church and others, our Health Center is a multi-cultural ministry providing holistic healthcare to the Latino and under-served communities of our urban city.         

Job Info

Job Title - Nurse Care Manager - CRNP / RN

Job Description·  

FQHC in Pennsylvania is seeking a Nurse Care Manager with either a CRNP or RN licensure.   

 · The Nurse Care Manager is an integral member of the Care Management Department.

· Responsible for patients recognized as high-risk and/or highly-utilized, who require multidisciplinary care management to improve patient outcomes and reduce emergency room utilization and hospitalizations. 

·  The Nurse Care Manager works together with primary care practitioners, community health workers and registered dietitians to deliver holistic care.

·  Responsible for development and implement care plan strategies and patient education during in-home and in-office visits.

·  Work with team members to provide linkages for the various health and social needs of patients. 

Job Qualifications Education, Skills, and Experience    

· CRNP and/or Registered Nurse license required; MSN preferred,

· Bilingual in English/Spanish, or willingness to participate in up to 12 weeks of immersion language training, required,

· Ability to integrate faith and healthcare; lifestyle and passion consistent with the teachings of the Bible, required,

· At least 1-2 years' experience providing clinical services,

· Supervisory experience, preferred,

· Experience in community/outpatient setting and case management, preferred,

· Experience in serving underprivileged, urban environments; familiarity with North Philadelphia, preferred.

·  Requires the ability and willingness to travel to multiple office locations and patient homes

Patient Makeup

State - PA

Year Founded - 1989


Number of Locations - 3

AREA - Urban