Family Physician MD or DO


We are a free clinic that exists to provide healthcare, to glorify the name of Jesus, to those with no other means. We have a unique partnership with a for profit organization that has an onsite, company-owned clinic. As an employee of that clinic, a provider spends 3 days per week in the company-owned clinic taking care largely of blue collar workers. An additional 1 clinic day (typically divided into 2 afternoons) is spent at Harvest Free Medical Clinic. These two clinics are located in the same building allowing for ease of floating back and forth as needed. They are located in an under-served area of North Charleston. We have a growing Christian community living in close proximity to this clinic. Additionally, we have 4th year medical students from the Medical University of South Carolina that rotate through the free clinic. We have developed a curriculum that focuses on caring for the poor, whole person care and cost-effective medicine. There is an active Medical Campus Outreach ministry that we help staff that offers Bible study and life-on-life discipleship for medical and allied health students in the Charleston area. This is great opportunity for a mission-minded, gospel-centered, disciple of Jesus to help us build a ministry locally that desires for students, the poor and the nations see the glory of the gospel of Jesus!

Mission & Passions

Our Mission is to provide health care to those with no resources to pay, with the following major goals in mind:
To glorify God by sharing the love of Christ with all;

  • To prescribe and dispense 99% generic medicines from our own pharmacy and provide brand drugs only when there is no generic alternative;

  • To influence physicians to prescribe generic medicines whenever possible;

  • To develop strategies for health care that balance evidence-based medicine and cost control;

  • To advocate for the poor; to intercede for those who have no voice or no knowledge about entry into an appropriate health care system;

  • To provide most services utilizing a volunteer work force so that resources can be devoted to medical care and medicines;

  • To offer educational training to medical, pharmacy, and nursing students where emphasis is directed to:

    • Listening to the patient

    • Reliance upon physical exam skills rather than expensive lab tests and x-rays

    • Utilizing cost-effective approaches to health care

    • Addressing spiritual needs of patients

    • Highlighting the physician-as-servant model

Job Info

Job Title - Family Medicine Physician, MD or DO

Job Description·  

We are looking to hire a family physician for a hybrid position. The job allows for 75% (3d/wk) at a company owned clinic caring for a largely blue collar population, and 25% (1d/wk) at Harvest Free Medical Clinic. At the company owned clinic there is an EHR, but there is essentially no insurance involved. It is a very simple model of healthcare. Harvest Free Medical Clinic uses the same EHR. At Harvest Free, you will have your own patient panel, thus building relationships and offering long-term whole person care as well.

Job Qualifications Education, Skills, and Experience   

We are looking for leadership qualities to help with continuing to grow and make more efficient the care we offer at Harvest Free Medical Clinic. A vision for the what we are building towards is necessary. We have a growing Christian community and live in close proximity to under-served areas. We are working to engage these areas in practical ways and will need help in doing so. Ideally, you will desire to join us in Christian community. You also have the opportunity to participate in a very established medical student ministry. We have a heart for the nations as well, providing opportunities to partner with us in international mission trips involving our students.

Patient Makeup

State - SC

Year Founded - 2003

MODEL - Free and Charitable

Number of Locations - 2

AREA - Urban