Behavioral health consultant


Our FQHC clinics provide high-quality healthcare to the city’s under-served. Our medical, dental, behavioral, and pharmacy services seek to be distinctively Christian by recognizing Jesus Christ as both the true healer and source of ability. We desire to see individual patients and their communities healed, through special outreach to groups including refugees, grade-school kids, pregnant women, HIV-infected persons, homeless adults, struggling parents, and the local churches.

Mission & Passions

Our Passion – Fulfilling the physical, spiritual, emotional needs of the under-served, the uninsured, and the homeless.

Our Vision – Glorifying God and expanding His kingdom among under-served and un-reached people.

Our Mission – Providing high quality healthcare to the under-served in the context of distinctively Christian service. We recognize that Jesus Christ is the true healer of individuals and their communities and the source of our ability to serve.

Job Info

Job Title - Psychologist

Job Description· 

The Psychologist will provide assessment and treatment of psychological symptoms and psycho-social aspects of chronic medical conditions for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults within an integrated primary care setting Utilize brief psychological screening tools and clinical interviewing skills to provide a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan for patients referred for Behavioral Health services.

  1. Evaluate patients in crisis situations (such as those experiencing suicidal and homicidal ideation) to determine appropriate course of intervention and execute referrals as necessary.

  2. Employ empirically-supported, focused interventions to treat commonly occurring mental health conditions and chronic medical conditions with psychosocial components and to assist patients in successfully achieving their goals. 

  1. Facilitate group-based cognitive-behavioral and psycho-educational interventions.

  2. Administers, evaluates and interprets required psychological testing when appropriate to aid in differential diagnosis and treatment planning.

  3. Make appropriate referrals to Psychiatry services, Spiritual Health, and community-based referral partners as necessary.

  4. Provide timely patient care and prompt feedback to referring primary care providers, spiritual health advisors, and other allied health personnel (such as dentists and nutritionists) in order to facilitate holistic and comprehensive healthcare within an integrated primary care setting.

  5. Provide education to physicians and other medical staff regarding behavioral health standards of care for mental health conditions and the management of psychosocial aspects of chronic medical conditions, ethical practice, and psychopharmacology where appropriate.

  6. Actively participate in meetings and trainings that support our integrated health care model to provide comprehensive care for clients.

  7. Monitor the clinic’s behavioral health program, identifying problems related to patient services and making recommendations for improvement.

  8. Provide clinical supervision to graduate practicum students, interns, and/or postdoctoral fellows once Psychology training programs are developed at our clinics.

  9. Performs other duties as required.

  10. Involves exposure to patients of all ages or family members who may have mental illness, infectious disease, or contagious illness  

Job Qualifications Education, Skills, and Experience   

  • PhD or PsyD in Clinical or Counseling Psychology (or relevant specialty area of psychology)

  • One to two years of postdoctoral experience preferably in a hospital or other primary healthcare setting, working closely with physicians and other medical professionals to provide team-based patient care,

  • Preferred experience working with an urban, under-served population,

  • Experience providing empirically-supported psychological interventions for both mental health and medical conditions,

  • Experience utilizing electronic medical records for documentation and communication within an interdisciplinary medical team

  • Licensed in the State of Tennessee as a Psychologist with Health Service Provider (HSP) designation

Patient Makeup

State - TN

Year Founded - 1995


Number of Locations - 6

AREA - Urban