Executive Director (ED)


Our clinic is a Christ-sustained community health center that seeks to promote the health of the community and its members by offering "eternal" medicine for all age groups, mentoring current and future care givers to deliver Christ-centered excellent health care.  Our vision is to see needy communities and individuals lifted up with their over-burden, so that they may carry their own responsibility and  help others.  We provide education for health maintenance and disease prevention, primary care, foot care, mental health care, and dental care; patient assistance for various needs;  travel medicine consultation and immunization for those going into mission fields  or doing humanitarian work abroad.  We work with local churches in making disciples of all who come and are called.

Mission & Passions

Mission: Provide excellent physical, mental, and spiritual care to the underserved with the love of Christ.

Vision: Christ glorified in transformed communities.      

Values: Compassion, Hope, Relationship, Integrity, Servanthood, and Transformation

Job Info

Job Title - Executive Director (ED)

Job Description·  

Urban Community Clinic is searching for an Executive Director (ED) who is fully supportive and committed to the vision, mission, core values, and faith statement of our clinic.

  •  Protect and promote the vision, mission, and core values as defined by the Board of Governors carrying out plans and policies authorized by the Board

  • Reporting to and being accountable to the Board as non-voting, ex-officio member.

  • Keep Board fully informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing or affecting it at regular Board meetings.

  • Publicize the activities of the organization, its programs, and goals. Ensure an effective website for staff, patients, and donors, including resources of helpful information for other Christian community health centers.

  • Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with local churches mainly, and with community groups and organizations secondarily.

  • Communicate with the Chairperson of the Board in the event of any emergency.

  • Maintain financial responsibility and fiduciary relationship to the Board.

  • Work with the staff, Finance Committee, and the Board in preparing a budget.

  • Ensure that adequate funds are available to permit the organization to carry out its work.

  • Provide leadership in developing program, organizational, and financial plans with the Board of Governors and staff

Job Qualifications 

Education, Skills, and Experience   

  •  Called by God

  • Servant leader, strong and uncompromising with love for God and love for people

  • Have a deep knowledge of God’s Word and ability to present the Gospel

  • Team-oriented; able to understand and adapt to the organization’s culture

  • Thoughtful communicator and encourager with good supervisory skills

  • Sound business mind; attentive to detail and processes

  • Troubleshooter; able to calmly handle and solve problems; flexible, innovative, and


Patient Makeup

State - OR

Year Founded - 2007

MODEL - Charitable Clinic

Number of Locations - 1

AREA - Urban