Licensed Clinical Social Worker


We offer comprehensive primary medical care, dental care and mental health care to homeless people, people living in public housing, and other under-served people living in and around our urban Southern California city. We also partner with multiple organizations to serve mentally ill patients in transitional housing at multiple clinical service sites throughout our community. We offer holistic and spiritual care, addressing mind, body, soul and spirit.

Mission & Passions

Our mission is to show God's love by providing quality, comprehensive healthcare to the homeless and under-served.               

Job Info

Job Title - Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Job Description·  

Seeking a licensed social worker (LCSW) to reduce the distress and improve the mental health of the homeless and under-served populations presenting with complex medical and psycho-social problems.

· Proficiency in written and spoken Spanish preferred.     

· Assess, diagnose, and treat patient's symptoms and dysfunctional behaviors per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

· Work as a part of a multidisciplinary team alongside medical providers, nurses, social workers, front office staff, and case managers. 

Job Qualifications Education, Skills, and Experience   

  · Provide psycho-social rehabilitation treatment and individual and group psychotherapy for clients with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, hypertension, medication non-adherence, addiction, social and interpersonal problems, personality disorders and challenging behaviors.

· Develop individualized treatment plans.

· Refer patients to institutions, support services, psychiatry, and other specialists as needed.

· Provide consultation services to multidisciplinary team members by evaluating the biopsychosocial implications of the patient's illness when the team is assessing and planning medical treatment.,

· Provide mental health services at satellite sites as needed.

· Provide functional assessments in reports to the Department of Public Social Services, Department of Child and Family Services, Social Security Administration, and the Judiciary.

· Provide case management to assist homeless patients with accessing vital resources such as housing, substance abuse treatment, specialty mental health care, and public benefits.

·  Document all assessments, diagnoses, care plans, interventions and referrals in our electronic medical records system.

· Provide after-hour telephone on-call consultation services in rotation with other licensed professionals as needed.

· Provide clinical supervision to graduate students for internship placement as need.   

Patient Makeup

State - CA

Year Founded - 1995


Number of Locations - 2

AREA - Urban