Lead Physician

Patient Makeup

State - CO

Year Founded - 2013

MODEL - Free/Charitable

Number of Locations - 2

AREA - Urban


Our clinic offers low cost, high-quality, affordable health care for underserved individuals and families. We are a Christ centered health care home that offers integrated medical, dental, and behavioral health services for its patients. Our services include prenatal, pediatric, and adult medical care. Expansive oral health care is also provided, as well as counseling.

Mission and Passions

Our mission is to express love for Jesus Christ and compassion for those in need through deep concern for the whole person, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We strive to provide high quality and affordable holistic health care to the low-income and underserved.

Job Info

Job Title - Lead Physician

Job Description


This position assists in the delivery of competent, relationship-oriented,continuity-based care of patients within the realm of training and experience of the practitioner. 

  • Obtains and records health history.

  • Performs physical examination and developmental assessment.

  • Orders and evaluates diagnostic tests.

  • Performs and monitors therapeutic procedures.

  • Initiate and regulate medication.

  • Identifies common health risk potentials and provides counseling appropriate to the situation.

  • Identifies common adult and /or pediatric problems and illnesses which require referral to other health care practitioners.

  • Devise, revise, implement and /or evaluate methods of improving patient/family education and management.

  • Aids in the supervision of staff medical assistants and the training of volunteer or student medical assistants.

  • Supports the coordination of volunteer practitioners and assists them in achieving the quality care routinely provided at the health center.

  • Provides consultation support for staff nurse practitioners and PA'  s.

  • Helps supervise student practitioners accepted for academic rotations at the health center.,

  • Attends monthly practitioner meetings and actively participates in the on-going quality control and improvement of medical care as well as the adjustment of service to align more completely with the mission of the health center.

  • Attend monthly staff meeting if on-duty.

  • Attend monthly administrative meeting if responsibilities so dictate..


Education, Skills, & Experience

  • Graduate of an accredited MD or DO program.

  • Completion of a post-graduate residency program in a primary care specialty.

  • Physician certification/licensure for the State of Colorado.,

  • Active malpractice insurance.

  • Active DEA license.

  • Clinical experience sufficient to act competently within the range of medical problems seen at the health center.

  • Cross-cultural experience sufficient to enable sensitive care of our patient population.

  • Spanish skills sufficient to obtain adequate history and physical, describe a treatment plan and educate the patient on the management of their health care needs.