Dental Hygienist

Patient Makeup

State - CO

Year Founded - 2013

MODEL - Free/Charitable

Number of Locations - 2

AREA - Urban


Our clinic offers low cost, high-quality, affordable health care for underserved individuals and families. We are a Christ centered health care home that offers integrated medical, dental, and behavioral health services for its patients. Our services include prenatal, pediatric, and adult medical care. Expansive oral health care is also provided, as well as counseling.

Mission & Passions

Our mission is to express love for Jesus Christ and compassion for those in need through deep concern for the whole person, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We strive to provide high quality and affordable holistic health care to the low-income and underserved.

Job Info

Job Title - Dental Hygienist

Job Description


Provide quality dental care and associated services to patients under the general supervision of a dentist and using established dental hygiene procedures. 

  • Assist other staff in a variety of patient care, office and laboratory duties. Perform broad responsibilities for clinic and community dental health education activities. 


  • Enhance the efficiency of the clinic by performing expanded duties as allowable by law and as directed by the Dental Director. 

  • Ensure all patients enjoy a positive experience, and are treated with the care and compassion expected. 

  • Ensure all patient records and related documentation are managed and maintained timely, accurately, and consistent with all HIPAA and related regulations and requirements.   

  • Develop favorable relationships with all patients. Interact positively with patients to provide information and education about oral hygiene, handle and resolve patient concerns with enthusiasm and empathy. 

  • Uphold and consistently represent the values and mission of the organization at all times. Represent the organization in a highly professional manner at all times.   

  • Provide direct patient care and dental services as trained, licensed, and assigned. Assess dental condition and needs of patient using approved patient screening procedures, including medical history review, dental charting, and periodontal charting.

  • Take radiograph films.

  • Document dental history or chief complaint; record and report pertinent observations and patient reactions to dentists, as appropriate.

  • Document lab procedures and ensure follow up on results. 

  • Follow through with oral hygiene procedures in accordance with treatment plans prescribed by the attending dentist and consult with dentist when appropriate if periodontal treatment plan needs reevaluation. Procedures may include: Prophylaxis, periodontal scaling, root planning, debridement, supra and subgingival scaling and curettage, application of fluoride treatments, and application of protective sealants. 

  • Conduct dental health clinics for community groups as directed by the Dental Director.

  • Educate patients in oral hygiene and dental care, including proper tooth brushing, flossing, nutrition and need for professional care. 

  • Interact positively with a diverse, sometimes difficult, and demanding patient population. Provide service in a manner that is appropriate for the patient's age; demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to meet the patient's physical, psychosocial, educational and safety needs.


Education, Skills, & Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent. 

  • Successful completion of an accredited dental hygienist program. 

  • Current Registered Dental Hygienist with state licensure. 

  • Current CPR certification. 

  • Certification to administer local anesthesia if not trained in Colorado. 

  • Experience   

  • Demonstrated success with clear thinking and ability to reorganize as needed. 

  • Demonstrated success in working independently, prioritization and problem solving. 

  • Demonstrated success in organization abilities. 

  • Demonstrated success in computer skills including ability to use computer for scheduling, dental records and digital x-rays. 

  • Demonstrated success in customer service/patient services or working with the general public, preferably in a medical care facility. 

  • Demonstrated success in managing difficult customer/patient situations 

  • Significant knowledge of dental practices and procedures. 

  • Demonstrated success and experience with direct patient services and the proper knowledge and use of dental devices and equipment.