Patient Makeup

State - CO

Year Founded - 2013

MODEL - Free/Charitable

Number of Locations - 2

AREA - Urban


Our clinic offers low cost, high-quality, affordable health care for underserved individuals and families. We are a Christ centered health care home that offers integrated medical, dental, and behavioral health services for its patients. Our services include prenatal, pediatric, and adult medical care. Expansive oral health care is also provided, as well as counseling.

Mission & Passions

Our mission is to express love for Jesus Christ and compassion for those in need through deep concern for the whole person, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We strive to provide high quality and affordable holistic health care to the low-income and underserved.

Job Info

Job Title - Dentist

Job Description


Provide comprehensive and appropriate dental care and treatment to patients. Provide supervision to Dental Assistant(s) and Dental Hygienist(s) as assigned. 

  • Directly affect improvements in patient well-being through accurate and timely diagnosis and delivery of high quality dental treatment. Ensure the delivery of competent, accurate, dental care and treatment to all patients as assigned. 

  • Provide leadership and direction to other dental clinic staff. Effect overall clinic results. 

  • Meet or exceed all measurable standards of care, including overall clinical, quality, and productivity goals. 

  • Ensure all patient records and related documentation are managed and maintained timely, accurately, and consistent with all HIPAA and related regulations and requirements. 

  • Ensure the delivery of all dental treatment and care is consistent with all regulatory, accreditation, and professional standards, including clinic policies and quality initiatives. 

  • Develop and ensure favorable relationships with all patients and their families. Ensure all patient services are delivered in a caring and professional manner.

  • Ensure all actions, job performance, personal conduct and communications represent the organization in a highly professional manner at all times.

  • Uphold and ensure compliance and attention to all corporate policies and procedures as well as the overall mission and values of the organization.

  • Complete continuing education as necessary to retain state license. 

  • Provide routine and emergency dental services, including diagnosis and treatment plans, general restorative procedures, crown and bridge construction, removable prosthetics, uncomplicated endodontics and minor oral surgery. Evaluate overall oral health, examining oral cavity for signs of periodontal disease or possible cancers, including recessed  & bleeding gums, and oral lesions. 

  • Administer and prescribe anesthetics and medications. 

  • Conduct follow-up patient care.

  • Assist in reviewing clinic productivity, scheduling procedures, and establishing guidelines for care and treatment.

  • Assist with in-service and on-going training of clinic staff.

  • Manage difficult clients and patients, demonstrating interpersonal savvy and influence skills.

  • Exercise professional judgment in the performance of services provided consistent with the policies and the standards of the dental profession.

  • Demonstrate high degree of knowledge and competency in the practice of dentistry and associated charting requirements.

  • Utilize computers for data entry and information retrieval with proficiency. 

  • Communicate frequently with others in verbal and written communication format. 

  • Assist Dental Director with implementation and evaluation of operational and administrative processes.


Education, Skills, & Experience

  • D.D.S. from an accredited educational institution. 

  • Licensed to practice dentistry in Colorado 

  • Current CPR Certification. 

  • Professional  

  • Demonstrated expertise in relevant dental practices, protocol, trends and best practices in clinical areas assigned. 

  • Demonstrated knowledge and success in effecting overall clinical operations.

  • Experience/Knowledge of federal, state and local regulations and standards associated with the delivery of care in a community health center environment. 

  • Ability to manage multiple responsibilities and emergency situations successfully 

  • Proficiency in knowledge of office management, use of computer, software packages, and office machines.